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+ iWappy & Lady - Free Flash Lite Screensavers

31 May 2008

iWappy & Lady
Free Flash Lite Screensavers

iWappy & Lady are two Flash Lite based screensavers based on the same GUI but with completely different background graphic and color scheme

Both screensavers looks pretty attractive with a dominating battery indicator, date, large digital and small stylized analog clock.

Battery indicator is of course changeable depending on the battery state and that’s basically all about. These screensavers suffer from the same problem as all other flash based screensavers that we got so far, they aren’t optimized for the S60 phones and therefore lac... .. .

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+ RealVista Desktop - Vista Environment on S60 Devices!

14 May 2008

RealVista Desktop - Evolution
Get the Vista Look on Symbian S60 platform

First of all I have to admit that RVD is one of the best flash based themes or maybe is better to call it Flash Lite application that I have ever seen. It is fully capable to simply change your phone style into Windows Vista without changing ANY system files or damaging your phone.

Of course, this is not the first attempt to brings the Windows looks like UI to Symbian devices, there are few flash applications that promise Windows experience on S60 devices but unfortunately all of the m including this one fails at the most important part functionality!!! It is undoubtedly nice to look at but no matter how nice it looks like I am pretty sure that you’ll newer use it because of the poor funct... .. .

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+ Freeware: Design Province releases iBattery screensaver

10 May 2008

Design Province releases iBattery screensaver

Folks behind the very popular interactive LiveU screensaver have released a new Flash Lite screensaver named iBattery. iBattery is a crisp battery UI that can be used as Wallpapers and Screensavers on your FlashLite enabled phones. It is actually the cloned Apple iPhone battery indicator that looks pretty good I have to admit but unfortunately is not completely optimized for the 3rd edition phones.

It features only basic indicators and shows the current network, signal strength and obviously tracks your battery but lacks all other necessary indicators like, missed calls indicator, messaging, Bluetooth and so on. Hopefully they’ll be able to optimized and release update version like they did with the LiveU screen.. .. .

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+ Freeware OpLogo Changer utility for S60 3rd Devices

10 April 2008

Freeware OpLogo Changer utility
for S60 3rd Devices

There are already few solutions for the Op Logo tweaking on 3rd edition phones but unfortunately due the very well known problems related to new security system and caged directories it wasn't that easy to change it.

Unfortunately, we were limited to working within ugly Black and White logos only and complicated procedures, but now, mainly thanks to the discoveries made after the FCA's platform hack we got a tool capable to set the Op Logo automatically and basically all you need is the right picture with right size. Op Logo Changer is freeware Operator Logo changer for Nokia S60 3rd Ed Devices. As the name suggests it allows you to change the operator logo on your phone, as well as mak... ..

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+ Update: ThemeMagic - Beta 1 available for public!

30 March 2008

Theme Magic (Beta 1)
available for downloading and testing!

I don’t change my opinion about this application in mean time and it is definitely not a something that I'll use very often, of course, as the real freak I'll sign it, install it and test it right now and that's all I'll ever do with this piece of soft I am afraid, I just don’t change my themes that often and when I want to impress my friends I’ll rather choose pyMoneta or pyPiwo soft ;)

Anyway, it doesn’t means that it is a bad soft, it is a quite cool idea and if you one of this that like to change the skin few times per day this is the maybe I right solution for you as it enables them changing by simple shaking. I’ve just test the public vers... ..

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+ Personalized Mobile Screensavers & Wallpapers

06 March 2008

Personalized Mobile Screensavers & Wallpapers
for S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 Devices

As you may have already know, all S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 1 phones onward (for example, Nokia N95, N76, and future FP1 devices) supports the animated screensavers is the flash, GIF and animated SVG format.

Now I’ve just found a website that allows creating the animated cell phone screensavers with your text on it, quick, easy and absolutely free!!

With Red Dodo's screensaver generator you can make your own unique mobile animated screensaver and download it to your cell phone for fre... ..

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+ Feeware: Themes Launcher Application

21 February 2008

Themes Launcher Application From Creator
of MobiTubia, Sittiphol Phanvilai

My very good friend Sittiphol Phanvilai has just created another usefull application for owners of nokia n95 with latest firmware version v20.0.015.

As you all may know, with this firmware version for nokia n95-1, nokia removed the theme icon from the menu, and only access to change theme was going through the settings. Well now you can bring the icon back with this very simple but yet very effective small application.

You may know Sittiphol for his recent application he created, which also won... ... .

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+ Freeware: Saint Valentine's Day Screensaver

10 February 2008

Share the love with free
Valentine's Day Themed Screensaver

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, love in the air and Saint Valentine's Day is a great time to celebrate friendship and share the love

If you are in love, this nice flash based Valentine screensaver will decorate your screen accordingly with a nice pulsate heart, small flaying cupid and couple hug silhouette in the front.

All credits goes to Miky from for publishing his great Valentines day Flash Lite screensa... ..

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Read more: Share the love Author: Teo

+ Freeware: Design Province releases LiveU - Garden View

22 December 2007

LiveU! - Garden View
Live Animated Interactive Screensaver

This morning I wrote about Pulsepaper, applications for automated wallpaper changing that make your active desk somehow alive and now I have something even cooler, a freeware flash lite based screensaver that truly brings your phone to life.

LiveU is an innovative concept that displays live animated and interactive screensaver on your favourite mobile devices according to the current time of the day. Your device's display is in sync with the actual time and screensaver shows the content according to the time set in the device as if it is live. I’ve tested it last Tuesday with my Nokia N95, and I'm not sure if I could even ex.. .. .

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+ Freeware: Pulsepaper - Automatic Wallpaper Switcher

21 December 2007

Pulsepaper for 3rd ed
Automatic Wallpaper Switcher

Pulse Data Service LTD has announced the Pulsepaper 2.0, freeware and dynamic digital mobile wallpaper application that brings your phone to life.

Up to three times a day pulsepaper will receive an image pulse that will update your mobile wallpaper with a fresh new image. The images available include those from "pulsepaper 1.0" like weather, space, cars, actresses, sunsets and sport but now with "pulsepaper 2.0" in true "web 2.0" style we put you fully in control.

It's now possible to receive pulses from your own Flickr account, any Flickr account, Flickr search, Flic... .. .

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+ Freeware: KISS60; Flash Lite screensavers for S60!

25 October 2007

Kuneri brings Adobe Flash Lite Screensavers
to S60 phones with KISS60!

KISS60 enables Adobe® Flash® Lite screensavers on a wider set of devices, offering more effective promotions for campaign managers and higher revenues for content developers and distributors.

Kuneri, innovative mobile design and development company based in Finland, today unveiled public beta release of their new product KISS60. KISS60 is a unique product, enabling users to collect, manage, share and enjoy Adobe® Flash® Lite screensavers on S60 based mobile devic... .. .

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+ A gift from

17 May 2007

Clock Screensaver - A gift from

Clock Screensaver is this month’s free download and nice gift from But the question is.. .. it a gift after all!? It’s the very well known freeware application already available free of charger and listed in most freeware directories?!??

Anyway, Clock Screensaver is an S60 application by mBounce that displays two clocks with different time zones as a screensa... ..

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