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+ HOT: Long awaited MobiTubia is finally out!!!!

31 January 2007

Are you ready?
Sittiphol Has Announced MobiTubia!

MobiTubiaThe long awaited MobiTubia has been finally released and it is available for public download after the long period of the beta testing.

I’m sure you are all well aware of this application, and what it does, Marty has made a great overview few weeks ago with lot of screens and even video demonstration.

In short, MobiTubia is YouTube player similar to emTube application that features functionality packed into fancy 3D user interface and it will be huge competition for great Sebastian’s emTube soft.

As you may have already know, two months back at the Nokia World 2007 event held in Amsterdam, Nokia has announced the winners in the first "Open C Challenge," a global mobile application development contest encouraging open source and freeware developers to port innovative software applications with Nokia's Open C environment to the S60 mobile platform on Symbian OS, the world's leading Smartphone platform with millions of devices in the marketplace today.

Nokia World 2007 - MobiTubia

The Grand Prize Winner got Sittiphol Phanvilai for its MobiTubia application. MobiTubia is a Flash Lite video player and YouTube portal application with real-time decoding for the S60 platform, developed by Sittiphol Phanvilai of Bangkog, Thailand, a graduate student in the Master of Engineering program in Computers at Chulalongkorn University.

MobiTubia enables mobile users to access flv clips using several different methods. Additionally, the application allows users to browse and search for specific content on YouTube. The developer ported 25,000 lines of code to the Open C environment to make the application compatible with S60 on Symbian OS.

Oh yes, almost forget, MobiTubia has been optimized more. Now it can play clip quite smooth in low CPU device such as N73, E61i, E65 and all of S60 3rd Edition. However, let's me test it one by one first.

if you like this application, then please consider a small donation to help with development for this great project. Donaters also will recive new versions before anyone else, and have access to the special sections in the forums at MobiTubia

Please Consider A Small Donation.

Nokia World 2007 - MobiTubia
Source: MobiTubia Author: Marty ft. Teo

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