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+ nGun BETA: Kill 'Em All With Your Phone!

19 October 2008

Just For Fun
Kill 'Em All With Your Phone

nGunAccelerometers are becoming more and more ubiquitous, motion technology is everywhere, mobile phones, computers even washing machines now contain accelerometers and motion based technology is truly everywhere.

Accelerometer technology bringing a whole new set of possibilities and there are already a number of practical applications for accelerometer based phones and most of them are available at our download section.

The nGun is the latest application for accelerometer equipped phones and it definitely isn't the most useful one, it is not even aimed to be!

This one is just for one, a little application that uses motion technology on a bit different way, another cool thing to show off and to impress your friends and colleagues with your mighty phone.

Author of the application is our forum member Ahmet Yildirim who is also known as Mclightning and nGun is his second project after the pretty popular AlertMe application. Same as his previous project application is developed in Python and requires its latest version for proper work.


The idea behind application is quite simple, it detects two different movements and play the appropriate sound, something like the light sabre application. When you rotate your phone's nose up it will play a gun shooting sound but when you rotate your phone to left it will play the clip charging sound.

Yildirim says that this is the first beta version of the application and any suggestions for improvement is more than welcome. Enjoy in the application and don’t get it to seriously, this is just a pure fun ;)

To get it to work you have to install latest Python version
It is also high suggestible to install application and Python
in the phone's memory (C: drive)

Source: SF forum Author: Teo ft Mclightning

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